Several psychological studies document the mental health benefits of exposure to nature. Nature helps people relieve stress, enhance their focus, and lower rates of depression and anxiety.

As a homeowner, you have more opportunities to encounter nature than many others. You can create an appealing natural space that suits your taste! This way, you’ll have a natural area to enjoy spending time in. 

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a home courtyard. This courtyard can be a large or small area of your home filled with natural elements. Many people may prefer this as an outdoor option, although you can blend courtyards with your home interior. 

The question is, how can you get the best courtyard design? Fortunately, that’s why we’re here. Check out this guide for cutting-edge courtyard design ideas!

Designing a Home Courtyard in Your Yard

Sometimes, a home courtyard resembles a large garden. It can be an outdoor space that you cultivate to blend seamlessly with your home’s style. 

So, let’s cover the essentials. Outdoor courtyards are partially enclosed on all sides by a type of border. You can use several things to create this border, including:

  • a fence
  • a stone wall
  • plants

Courtyards should allow sunlight into the area, allowing greenery to grow. However, this doesn’t mean you have to leave the space open. You can use open roofs, canopies, or awnings to cover the area and allow sunlight into the enclosure.

Choosing Your Wall Material

Your walls have a tremendous impact on how your courtyard feels. The aesthetic and atmosphere of this space often depend on your wall material.

Fortunately, you have several options when it comes to your walls. For example, you can create airy and open walls by using natural materials. 

Many people create home courtyards using vine-covered trellises. These boundaries can help a small space feel open. 

Hedges can create a similar atmosphere. Alternatively, you may use a rock wall or low fence to border your courtyard. Each of these produces excellent effects for your courtyard. 

Possible Top Covers

Maybe you’d like a nice outdoor sitting area with more protection from the sun. If so, there are several options you can use to create this space. 

One choice is a canopy. Cloth canopies can shelter you from sunlight while allowing enough solar energy into the space for plants to grow.

Retractable awnings can also provide this comfort while you enjoy your courtyard. Once you return inside, you can retract the awning to allow more sunlight. 

Lastly, it may help to install a temporary roof to protect your plants during the winter. This roof can also make the space more comfortable during the cold season.

Blending Your Courtyard Plans with Your Interior

Many people design their home courtyards in their yards. However, other housing designs allow you to build these spaces closer to home. We’ll discuss ways to blend your interior with your courtyard. 

Utilizing U-Shaped Floor Plans

U-shaped floorplans offer tons of potential for your home courtyard designs. The space in the “U” is often an excellent spot for you to craft your courtyard space. 

These courtyards serve as the central access point for the rest of your floorplan. You can use this space as a shortcut to the other side of your house. 

Walls play a crucial role in this style of courtyard, too. However, the focus of these walls is your view into the space. These views should make the area look homey while blending with your interior. 

For this reason, many people choose glass walls for their U-shaped floorplans. This way, they can see into the courtyard and into the home.

Indoor Courtyard House Plans

Finally, you can create a courtyard inside your home. For example, let’s say you have a skylight in your ceiling.

You could construct a home courtyard under this skylight to bring nature into your house. You could install a large soil bed under this spot and plant a tree or shrub in the direct sunlight. 

This approach helps you bring nature into your home. In doing so, you can add an earthy touch to your décor and access the mental health benefits that accompany this. 

What To Put in Your Courtyard

Much of your courtyard decoration depends on your taste. What relaxes you most?

There are several options you can use to decorate this space. Many people enjoy planting trees and other greenery in their courtyards. The plants reinforce the natural atmosphere in the area. 

Homeowners can also plant flowers or produce in the courtyard to create a small garden. These plants often add a splash of color to the area and provide more variety.

However, you can add more than plants to a courtyard. Many people enjoy placing large rocks in this space. 

Rocks can complement your architectural choices, giving the area a blend of natural and civilized beauty. Alternatively, consider layering your courtyard with smooth stones or pebbles to provide a serene aesthetic. 

Finally, consider adding a source of water to the setup. You may have a small fountain or pond in the space to enhance the serenity. Studies also show that water views can enhance your mental wellbeing

Find the Best Help Creating Your Home Courtyard

Creating a home courtyard can take a lot of consideration and resources. Even if you have the best ideas, you may not have the resources to see them through.

Fortunately, you don’t have to design your home courtyard alone. Instead, choose to work with a team that will be able to see you through the whole process – from design concept to reality!

We offer several custom home design services, including home courtyard work. We’ve designed breathtaking spaces for several clients; you can be next!

Contact us today and give us the preliminary information about your house and courtyard goals. Soon, you can enjoy the outdoor area you’ve always dreamed of.