Recent reports show that just under 5 million people choose to work remotely half the time or more in the United States. And with many not having a dedicated office space, a lot of remote workers do their jobs from their bedrooms. That’s why it’s so important to design your bedroom so it is a relaxing and engaging room. 

It’s easy to get creative with your bedroom design ideas and still keep it elegant. There are a few simple ways to turn your bedroom from just another room to your ultimate relaxation space. 

To learn more about the most inspired ways to design your bedroom, have a look at the tips below. 

1. Make the Most of Natural Light

When it comes to creating a warm, inviting space, natural light is your best friend. Natural light will make your bedroom feel so much bigger, not to mention the incredible mental health benefits

Make sure the furniture you choose for your bedroom doesn’t block any windows. If your space doesn’t allow for this, try and keep as much of your window free as possible. 

A great solution to add more light to your room is to incorporate a skylight. You can fit this with a blackout blind so that your sleep is not disrupted by early morning light. 

2. Think Carefully About Flooring

Despite what you may think, your bedroom floor is one of the first things people notice when they step inside your room. The floor you decide upon says a lot about you and what you want for your custom bedroom. 

A fully carpeted room is plush and luxurious. But carpets are conventionally more difficult to keep clean. A hardwood floor can add elegance and finesse to a room. However, you’ll want to ensure your floor blends in well with the rest of your room. 

You’ll also want to make sure you consider how your floor feels beneath your feet. A hard floor may be colder in the winter than a carpeted floor. 

Regardless of what kind of flooring you choose, there will be pros and cons. But you can get it right if you use the experts. Consider contacting MJS Designers Group to find the perfect flooring option to create the most beautiful bedroom. 

3. Consider Air Quality

The air quality of a room drastically affects how much time you want to spend in it. Too humid and your room will feel stuffy. You also want to avoid allergens and air pollutants as these can affect the quality of your sleep. 

The best way to improve the air quality of your bedroom is to utilize your windows. Leaving them open for just a few hours a day can refresh your room substantially.

However, an air purifier will also do wonders for your room if you have limited access to windows. With an air purifier, you are in control of the air quality in your bedroom and can set it to your liking. 

4. Don’t Overdo It With Decor

As the old saying goes “less is more.” The decor you choose is the making of your bedroom. It is used as an expression of who you are and is the perfect way to truly customize your room. 

However, making use of just a few subtle features is better than going overboard. Subtle curtain finishes, a small rug for wooden floors, and a nicely framed mirror will tie your custom bedroom together wonderfully.

In the spirit of not overdoing decor, you should also avoid clutter as much as possible. Have a space for everything so that your room never feels or looks untidy. If you need extra storage space, consider adding drawers under your bed. This will give you some much-needed hidden space to keep your room tidy. 

5. Choose Neutral or Warm Colors

Neutral, warm, or pastel colors are in fashion at the moment. They subtly brighten a room and make it easy to find matching decor. Some colors are very popular in all design circles right now.

Olive walls are a true showstopper. They are subtle and work with a wide range of decor. They pair especially well with gold and wooden furnishings.

Off-White or white is also a great color choice. These colors brighten a room and are also very easy to decorate. 

Whatever color you choose for your bedroom, make sure that it’s the one you love. If you’re happy with the color, you’ll be able to find the perfect way to decorate it to suit your tastes. 

6. Make the Most of the Space You Have

Even if your bedroom isn’t the biggest, you can make the most of your bedroom layout. A smaller bedroom can be made to look much bigger depending on the placement of furniture, how much decor is used, and how much natural light gets into the room. 

If you need to create more floor space, consider pushing your bed into a corner. This will open up the room beautifully. Consider adding some floating shelves above your bed to create additional storage space.

Designing a bedroom isn’t always an easy task. This is especially true if your room is small as it can feel impossible to do anything with your space. But with the right furniture setting, color combinations, and use of natural light, you can make your room the ideal space for work, relaxation, or sleep.

Incorporate These Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas Into Your Home

These elegant bedroom design ideas will not only help you sleep. They’ll also brighten your home and make your bedroom a place of relaxation and refuge.

Keep your own design goals in mind when creating your ideal bedroom. Focus on the kind of room you want to create and how you will feel sleeping and living in that space.

For more custom home design ideas, contact the team of experts at MJS Designers Group. They can help you find the perfect design for your custom home. If you have any questions, simply reach out to receive the best advice and guidance available.