Last year, interest in custom home design increased by over 10% from the previous year. We understand why. When well done and executed properly, custom home design can take a standard space and turn it into a thoughtful living space that suits any style.

Whether you are remodeling your current home or building a new one, it is important to involve a residential home design company early on in the process. These professionals can help you make the most of your space and create a home that perfectly suits your needs. 

If you are thinking about hiring a residential home design company, here are five tips to help you choose the right one (spoiler alert: it’s us; we’re the right home designers for you).

What Does a Residential Home Design Company Do?

First off, let’s answer the question of what a residential home design company does. What are you looking for when contracting the services of a home design agency? In a nutshell, they work with clients to plan and design their dream residential homes. 

From consulting on the initial layout and design of a new build to renovating or remodeling an existing space, residential home design companies have the expertise and experience to bring your dream home to life. 

They work closely with clients to understand their individual needs and style, creating custom plans and selecting the perfect materials and furnishings. And, for those looking for eco-friendly options, residential home design companies can integrate sustainable features into the project. 

So whether you’re starting fresh or giving your current space a makeover, residential home design companies can help you take your project to the next level.

5 Tips for Hiring the Best Residental Home Design Company

When it comes to designing your dream home, you don’t want to leave it in just anyone’s hands. 

Choosing the right residential home design company is important for a few reasons because they should have the credentials and experience to handle all aspects of residential home design, from layout and functionality to aesthetics and detail. 

Additionally, a good residential home design company will understand how to stay within budget and adhere to any necessary building codes and regulations. 

And finally, any great design company should work with you as a partner, taking your ideas and turning them into a beautiful reality. Take your time with your research and go with a residential home design company that you trust to bring your vision to life.

Here are five tips that can help you during your search.

1. Do Some Research

As with any big decision, it’s important to do your research. One tried-and-true strategy is to ask for word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, and realtors in the area. These personal referrals can often lead to some of the best options. 

You can also turn to the internet for leads. Sites like HomeAdvisor or Houzz allow you to search for design firms and architects by location and filter your choices by specific criteria.

Likewise, we suggest searching your local AIA chapter or Builders Association chapter. At MJS Design Group, for example, we are proud and active members of the Greater Orlando Builders Association.

2. Review Their Portfolio 

Before you reach out to any custom home design firms or architects, make sure to review their portfolios. Even the most experienced and highly-reviewed professionals might not align with your design aesthetic or have a history of projects similar to what you’re hoping for. 

Take some time to look at recent projects, determine if their work excites or inspires you, and imagine yourself living in one of their homes. 

This step may take a bit of extra time before reaching out, but it’ll be worth it to ensure that your dream custom home turns out exactly as you envisioned it. After all, this is your chance to create the ultimate personalized space so don’t settle for anything less than the perfect fit.

3. Schedule a Consultation

When it comes to hiring a residential design company to design a home, initial consultations are critical. 

Before the big meeting, it’s important to have a clear idea of your project’s size, function, and overall aesthetic. It also helps to decide on the services you expect from the architect, such as designing custom features or securing permits.

To visually communicate your dream home or renovation ideas, gather inspirational photos beforehand. And don’t forget to come to this meeting with a rough timeline and budget in mind.

4. Ask the Right Questions

As for the actual consultation, come prepared with a list of questions for the design team. These questions might include:

  • What are your qualifications?
  • Have you worked on similar projects (if so, can you share photos or information)?
  • What sets you apart from other design firms?
  • What are the steps in your design process?
  • What services are included?
  • What services are extra?
  • Do you anticipate any problems with my project?

Ultimately, you can ask whatever you’d like (within reason), so feel free to add to this list.

Remember, initial consultations set the tone for your working relationship with your residential design company, so take some time to make sure you’re both on the same page before diving into the exciting process of bringing your dream home to life.

5. Consider Pricing

Finally, make sure to take some time to consider pricing. It can be tempting to go with the cheapest option, but remember that you often get what you pay for. Make sure to look at their portfolio and see if their style aligns with your taste and vision for your home.

Also, inquire about additional fees they may have, such as charges for revisions or furniture sourcing. It’s important to hire a firm that not only fits within your budget but also has the experience and a track record of completing projects.

Looking for the Best Home Designers?

At MJS Designers Group, we believe the design process should be both enjoyable and educational for our clients. That’s why we sit down with each one to discuss their specific residential home design needs and wants.

Through this collaborative process, we’re able to create a custom design that truly reflects the unique style and personality of the homeowner. 

So, if you’re ready for a residential home design experience like no other, give us a call, and let’s chat about your dream design. Click here to get in touch.