Did you just move into your dream luxury home? Are you trying to figure out what to add to your house to make sure it has the luxury features you’ve always dreamed of?

Whether you want to add a specific type of pool, a bowling alley, or smart features, you’ll want to read this guide to learn more about what must-have features you need to have for your home!

1. Outdoor Kitchen 

How many times have you thought about entertaining guests at your house and then realized you don’t actually have an area to do it? 

That’s where adding an outdoor kitchen will make your home even more luxurious. Not only that, but you can make it your own as well.

When you build an outdoor kitchen, you have to consider your purpose for using it. Is it for entertainment? Or is it for hanging out with your family while you BBQ on the weeknights?

This will help you determine how big you need your outdoor kitchen to be as well as what else you can do with it.

For instance, you could add a TV to the outdoor area to watch football when it’s on with guests that you invite over. Or, you could add a bar area to sit at the counter in the outdoor kitchen.

In addition to the outdoor kitchen, you can add a lounge area for extra seating and hanging out when you are cooking and using the outdoor kitchen. You could even add a firepit for extra ambiance in your yard!

2. Add a Pool

In addition to adding an outdoor kitchen, you may want to consider adding a pool to your backyard. There are many different types of pools you could add, and different ways to decorate the patio as well.

Here are a few ideas you could use:

Make It an Exercise Pool 

If you want to make your pool area for recreation and exercise, you could add a lap pool. Around the area, you could also add a hot tub and spa area to relax after you swim laps and work out.

Create an Outdoor Pool Oasis

To create an outdoor pool oasis, you can make your outdoor area with the pool seem more like a resort. To do this, you’ll want to add a pool that has a shallow end and a deep end as well as a shape that works well with your backyard.

You can add trees and landscaping around the pool area to make it feel like you’re in nature as well! 

Consider the Patio

The patio around your pool says a lot about your personality as a homeowner as well. You could go with travertine pavers for a nice luxurious look, or you could also choose to go with wooden beams or bamboo beams to give your pool area a tropical jungle resort feel.

The options are endless when it comes to what you do with your patio area!

3. Add Smart Home Technology 

Nowadays, there are so many different things you can add to your home to make it “smarter.” When your home is smarter, you don’t have to work as hard and can relax in your home more! Here are a few ideas that will make your home better for you to live in as well as increase your home value.

Add a Smart Thermometer

The smart thermometer is a great addition to your home because it can make you more comfortable. Not only that, but you can program how you want it to work on a schedule.

For instance, if at 9 pm you go to bed, you could set it for your favorite sleeping temperature. And then, before you get out of bed, you could set it warmer so the house isn’t as cold.

Once programmed, it will remember this and do it every single day without you having to touch it! 

Smart Door Locks

Nowadays, you can do everything remotely – that goes for locking your house, too!

If you have a smart door lock, you are able to remotely do things as well as have your neighbor get into your home while you are away if need be. Instead of having a physical key that you can lose, you have a smart door lock that can be accessed by those who know the code. And if you ever want to reset the code, you can do that, too.

Smart Lighting

Saving money on your energy bills is always a plus. With smart lighting, you can have dimmer lights that you can access via your phone to dim to your liking. Why use more electricity than you need as well!?

You can also check your lighting remotely if you feel that you forgot to turn a light off when you leave your house. This will save you money if you ever forget to turn a light off when you leave since you can just do it from your home!

4. Upgrade to Hardwood Floors

There’s something to be said about ripping up the carpet in your home. As soft as it may be on your feet, you can create a completely luxurious feel to your home by adding hardwood floors to your home instead.

Not only will adding hardwood floors make your home look nicer and be something you enjoy looking at every day, but it will also increase your home value if you ever do decide to sell your home.

5. Design a Movie Room 

Imagine you want to watch a movie and instead of plopping down on your living room couch, you get to go to a separate room with surround sound, a large screen TV, and comfortable movie chairs.

You can’t skip out on this room for your luxury home.

To make this room feel even more like a true movie theatre, you can carpet the ground and the walls to make the sound quality like that of a movie theatre.

6. Create an Arcade Room 

If you have kids (or if you are a game lover), you should definitely have a separate game room in the house. This could be both for board games with a table in the center, or one that has actual arcade games.

You could add a pool table to the center of the room, a poker table, or an air hockey table. The options are endless with what you add to this room. 

A lot of times, if you want a table for space to play games, you get one that has a table cover but also opens up to be something else like a poker table.

7. Add a Gym to Your Home

What would a luxury home be without a gym? If you truly want to go for the all-out luxury feel, you need a separate area of your home dedicated to an at-home gym.

This doesn’t need to be a big room by any means, but having this space for when you want it can make a huge difference for how you feel in your home.

8. Walk-In Closets

If you buy your home and it doesn’t have any walk-in closets, this may be something you want to add. If you don’t have enough room in your closet, things can get unorganized pretty quickly. Not to mention, you want to make sure you have enough space to live comfortably, and a walk-in closet can help you achieve that feel in your home!

9. Design a Wine Room 

Do you have a wine rack? Do you want to upgrade your wine rack to a wine room? If so, you are on track to creating a very luxurious home.

Your wine room can house all of your wine as well as a wine fridge or cellar to keep the wine cold. Additionally, you could consider adding a wine-tasting spot in the room to entertain guests!

10. Add a Study

With more people than ever before working from home, you have every right to want your own study. You can make this space solely yours by designing it in a way that is conducive to your work and productivity! 

Designing your own study can give you more satisfaction with your home living situation as well as make working even more fun!

Add to Your Luxury Home

If you are planning to move or have already moved into a nice home, you may be looking to make it a luxury home through and through. To do this, all you have to do is follow these tips and add some of these luxury features to your house!

Whether you choose to do all of the above or just plan to add a gym and a pool, your home will look and feel more luxurious in no time.

If you are ready to do this, contact us for help with the design! At MJS Designers Group, we strive to give you your custom designs and have been succeeding for over 25 years!