Did you know it typically takes 7 months to build a house from the ground up?  Building and designing your home can be tricky.

There are many things that have to be considered and attended to. It is easy to make a mistake but it can be almost impossible to fix them. Setting up a plan, doing research, and being flexible will help you through this challenge.

If you know what you are up against the process will become easier. If you are ready to start building your dream home you’ve come to the right place. We are going to tell you all about luxury home design mistakes that you should be aware of and avoid.  

Failing to Go Green

When you think of luxury you may not think of sustainability. An energy-efficient luxury home will consist of better insulation and higher-quality windows.

This will prevent the outside temperature from heating up or cooling off your home. Installing energy-efficient light bulbs will save you money as they last longer. Talk to your builder about creating an eco-friendly home.

The position of your home matters. If you have the luxury of positioning your house so it receives more natural light your electric bill won’t be as high.

Your landscaping can also help lower your energy cost. Trees will give the soil nutrients and can help prevent erosion during storms. In the long run, an energy-efficient home has a higher market value. 

Natural Disasters and Setbacks 

As we all know unexpected things can happen in the blink of an eye. Building a luxury home has a lot of moving parts and the process is dependent on many factors.

If one thing doesn’t go as planned it can delay the entire build. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados can have long-term effects on your home.

Another example is flooding. If it isn’t attended to properly you could deal with molding and water damage later down the road.

Besides natural disasters, there are other sets back that could happen. If a shipment of parts is delayed or a part is delivered damaged the build will likely be stalled.

Talk to your builder before you start about possible delays and solutions. An experienced contractor should be able to explain the most common delays and his or her plan to keep construction on track. 


Communication is everything and it can change your whole experience.  It does go both ways though. You need to communicate with your contractors and designers.

Avoiding miscommunication seems so simple but can be a lot of work when there are multiple people involved. You don’t want to be blindsided by your builder making decisions without you so be sure you give them the same courtesy.

They are not mind-readers, you’ll need to tell them exactly what you want and need. If there is an issue and inform them so the issue can be fixed quickly.

Set the expectation early on in the process that communication is important to you. You can request updates on progress and your builder should be able to get a hold of you if he or she has any questions. 

When setbacks arise everyone should be informed, you can request a say in the solution and the builder may ask for your help depending on the situation. 

Not Budgeting Correctly 

Common luxury home design mistakes include not budgeting properly. It can hard to know just how much you’re going to spend.

Sitting down with your builder and discussing your expectations is key. You don’t want to get halfway through your build and run out of money or have to cut corners at the end because money is getting tight. 

If they are an experienced and reputable builder they will be able to advise you about similar builds and their costs. Having a little bit of wiggle room in your budget can be helpful. As we’ve already mentioned unexpected issues that cause delays can be costly. 

There are some things it’s important to spend the extra money on. Sustainability is one of them. However, just because something is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best. There is a fine line between cutting corners and being budget-friendly. 

When you choose a builder don’t just go based on price. When you are getting your estimates from different builders consider more than just their price. The cheapest builder won’t necessarily be the worst or the best and this also applies to the most expensive builder. 

The same thing applies to building materials. They may be more expensive but always choose quality. In the end, it will save you money in repairs and damages. 

Forgetting About Practicalities

When you are planning the interior and exterior design of your luxury home don’t forget about practicalities. Storage space can easily be forgotten about during your build but you’ll wish you had once you move in. You can add storage where no one can see it if that’s a concern. 

You may feel tempted to go overboard when you are designing your home. Sometimes less is more and it may not be practical or budget-friendly to have extra rooms. That space may be more useful somewhere else.

However, if you want a home gym and a scrape booking room don’t let your builder talk you out of it. Don’t make the common mistake of doing what someone else wants you to do. You can consider other people’s opinions but at the end of the day do what is best for you, your home, and your family. 

Disregarding Future Needs 

It can easy to get tunnel vision during your build and only focus on what you need or want in the present moment. While you are building your custom luxury home consider what amenities you may need in the future.

Are you planning on having children? Make sure you have a room available for them if needed. Also, look at what schools are in the area.

If you have an elderly parent, will they need to move in with you in a few years for extra care? You’ll need space for them too. Consider if your home is close to a hospital for an emergency.

What about care service stations and grocery stores? You may decide you want to sacrifice convenience for privacy but be aware of this before you start your build. 

The Laundry Room isn’t just for laundry anymore.

The laundry room isn’t the most glamourous place but we all spend a significant about of time there. We have designed laundry rooms that have become what we like to call “Home Rooms,” complete with space for doing crafts, meal planning, homework, center islands for gift wrapping, dog wash areas, and lots of storage. 

Kitchen and Garage Access

Similar to your laundry you don’t want to have to carry your groceries through your house to get to the kitchen. Ideally, your kitchen will be near the outside door or garage. If you can avoid having your kitchen on the second floor you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy. 

The garage is a play for dirty soccer cleats, heavy backpacks, and other equipment. It is inevitable that dirt will get tracked in through the garage even if you don’t have children.

It’s beneficial if the garage opens up to a room that is easy to clean, like the kitchen. Wood or tile flooring is much easier to clean than carpet so even if your garage opens to your laundry or other room as long as it’s not carpeted you’ll be all set. 

Consider Bonus rooms over garages…

The garage bonus room is a great addition to have on your house. it is a reasonably less expensive space because it can be finished or unfinished. It makes up for a lack of a basement and can become a flex space for the family. We always stub out for future bath rooms which can be installed at a later date.

eDo Your Research 

When you are planning and designing your home ask a lot of questions. Ask some of your friends and family what luxury home design mistakes they made.

They will be able to give you insist about the process and what to do and not do. Remember just because something didn’t work for someone else, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you and vice versa

It is important to have consultations with different designers and builders and don’t be afraid to ask for pictures of their work. You can even ask them for references from past clients. Online reviews can be a great tool but be sure they are genuine. 

Home Design Ideas

Once your home is built then comes the fun part, designing. Keep in mind if you like it then do it but here are a few trends to skip. Themed rooms are at the top of the list.

If you have children this can be a great feature for them. However, having a theme in your living room will make it challenging to change later on.

When a new trend comes along or you’re ready for a change, it could be costly to get rid of everything in your main room. If you keep everything coordinated though, when the time comes to switch it up you will only have to replace a few pieces. 

Ascent walls can be great, they can add a pop of color and are used to get people’s attention. That being said, people will notice it first so be sure it’s appealing and it’s recommended that the wall is large. 

Decorating can be overwhelming with all the different options. If it fits in your budget hiring a professional designer could help bring your vision to life.

If you are doing it yourself be sure all the furniture goes together. If you find a patterned chair that you love, try finding other solid pieces that will match it. If you have too many patterns it may cause the room to look too busy and unappealing to the eye. 

You’ve just created our dream luxury home, don’t clutter it up with too many accessories. Your home will look clean and fresh with fewer items. You and your guest will be able to focus on the important pieces rather than be distracted by so many accessories. 

Luxury Home Design Mistakes 

Take your time designing your home. Take all the necessary steps and do what’s best for you. It’s impossible to avoid every mistake. The building process and long and something will probably go wrong at some point.

Being flexible and understanding will help you throughout the process. With that being said doing your research will help you avoid the majority of big mistakes.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you use our tips and advice throughout your luxury home building journey. Click here and we can help you avoid the common luxury home design mistakes.