A gathering space and entertainment center, the living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. And when you build a custom home, you get to design it to perfectly match your wants and needs.

Maybe you like to entertain your friends and family, want a space to relax, read, and watch movies, or prefer a combination of everything. Whatever you’re looking for, a custom build can achieve that goal.

And once it’s built, you’ll need to stylishly furnish it to fit your lifestyle. You’ll need some living room design ideas to create your dream space. Consider layout, furniture, and decorations to create a cohesive design. Here are seven ideas that can inspire you.

1. Lifestyle-Influenced Layout

When you design your living room, you have to consider your lifestyle. Keeping this in mind will ensure that your space is as functional as it is beautiful. Think about how you use your current home and how you would like to use your future custom home.

If you’re someone who prefers to have people over, you may want to build a home with a large open space to accommodate lots of guests. You may also want to arrange your furniture in a way to promotes conversation.

Or maybe you’re a homebody who prefers cuddling up at the end of the day. In this case, cozier spaces that aren’t as open might be right. And a living room layout built around the television for movies or a bookshelf to read is preferable.

2. Choose a Pop of Color

Color adds personality to the space, and stark white interiors feel like they could belong to anybody. Instead, add color throughout your space to make it reflect your taste.

Add color to the room with a coat of paint. But paint isn’t only for the walls, now. You can add an unexpected pop of color by painting the ceiling. Don’t underestimate what a coat of paint on the walls can do.

You can also incorporate color all throughout your living room decor. That includes larger items like sofas, chairs, and tables. But also smaller accents like pillows, throw blankets, and area rugs.

3. Use Wood as an Accent

Wood adds some natural beauty and texture to your space, and you don’t only have to use them on your floors. Of course, hardwood floors create the perfect base, no matter what kind of design or style you have.

But you can also use wood as an accent throughout the living room. In smaller doses, you can incorporate wood in furniture pieces like coffee, side, and console tables. You can also use wood shelving throughout the space.

And if you want to use more wood, you may want to consider an accent wall using wood to create a design. You can also use wood to do wainscotting and shiplap ideas.

4. Comfy Furniture All Around

There’s nothing better than sinking into a comfy sofa. Make sure the centerpiece of your living room is comfortable to sit, relax, talk, and watch movies.

And don’t forget to add comfortable seating all throughout the space. Side chairs, benches, and ottomans are all great seating options to have dotted throughout your living room.

When you build a custom home, you can also build in some seating. Consider built-in benches for a stylish personalized look. You can add them underneath a window so you can enjoy coffee with a view or next to bookshelves to have somewhere cozy to read. 

5. Make a Statement With Lighting

You should never overlook lighting when it comes to interior design. Not only does it have the power to transform your space, but it can also make a statement. In your living room, you shouldn’t be afraid to go bold with your lighting.

Go bold with ceiling fixtures by using sculptural chandeliers and pendants over your space. Or double the statement with two stylish chandeliers hanging in your living room.

You can also add personality and style with table lamps and floor lamps. Don’t be afraid to play with the finish of the material and the color of the shade. Wall sconces can also add a ton of character to a newly built home.

6. Personalize With Art

One thing that makes a house a home is art. Artwork can be a representation of your personality and interests. And there is no shortage of artwork available for you to add to your home.

You should also add personal photos, so the space doesn’t feel like a model home. Photos provide an instant transformation and personalization so that the house feels like a home.

When you build a custom home, you can build in space to feature your favorite artwork. Of course, a large blank wall is a perfect backdrop to any artwork. But you can also add alcoves to feature paintings and sculptures.

7. Focal Fireplace

No matter what you want to use the living room for, a fireplace is always a good feature. A fireplace can act as a focal point and gathering place in the room.

Go classic with a wall fireplace. A wall fireplace will look good with every home design because you can choose a style that’s more traditional or modern. Add built-in bookshelves on either side so you can add decor and books to further customize the space.

Or choose a contemporary fireplace that’s sleeker for a more modern design. You can also place the fireplace in the center of two rooms, like between the living room and dining room, so both spaces can benefit from a cozy fire.

Get Inspired By These Living Room Design Ideas

Host a movie night or a dinner party. Cuddle up on the sofa after a long day or spend hours chatting. The living room can be the center for all these ideas. But as functional as it is, you also want it to be beautiful.

Get inspired by these living room design ideas if you’re planning on building a new home. Create a space that the entire family will love and a room you’ll never want to leave.

You can have your dream living room and all the other rooms when you build a custom home. Ready to see yourself in a new space? Contact us to start the design process today.