With the demand for houses crazier than ever, many people are choosing to build custom homes, renovate, expand, or re-decorate their current homes. If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 12 custom home features you’ll want to include in your luxury home design.

No matter your home design budget, there’s always a way to include a touch of luxury into your home. We’ll go over some innovative trends, timeless styles, and more to help you create the home you love. Let’s start designing your dream space.

1. Statement Kitchen Island

In a luxury home, the kitchen island is for so much more than just prepping dinner. A great kitchen island is large enough to seat family and friends, cook, prep meals, serve while entertaining, and have plenty of room for before-school breakfast.

The island is one of those spaces that everyone in your house will gravitate towards. Whether you’re having family and friends over or cooking for the holidays, almost everyone gathers around the island.

A large island gives you plenty of room to serve drinks and appetizers while being able to interact with guests as you cook. It’s big enough to make holiday cookies on or to use for homework. A statement island doesn’t just look pretty, it’s also a huge asset to your daily routine.

In addition to the function, a large kitchen island is also a beautiful space to showcase your style. This is the center of the kitchen, and we can help you create a design that stands out. Make your kitchen island a showstopper.

2. Multiple Spaces for Storage and Laundry

Storage in any size home is one of the most important things. You’ve likely never thought to yourself that a home has too much storage. When you’re renovating or building a luxury home, make storage a priority.

You’ll want to make sure everything has a place. From multiple mudrooms to storage rooms and dual laundry areas, the possibilities are almost endless. Imagine several places to house backpacks, kids’ toys, luggage, sporting equipment, work supplies, and more.

Luxury laundry rooms also aren’t the utility spaces they once were. They may include mudrooms, folding stations, additional bathrooms, butlers’ pantries, doggie showers, or multiple laundry units.

In a large, busy household, you could include one on every floor. Consider laundry and storage on the first floor, second floor, master bedroom, as well as in basement. You don’t have to carry clothes, towels, or bedding up and down to different floors or spend the entire day sorting.

3.  Scullery: The Ultimate Pantry

A Scullery was the secondary kitchen at the turn of the century.  Today the Scullery isn’t just a place to store canned goods. If you’re renovating or building your own home, you can make one that’s as large as you can imagine. Luxury panties can include storage for dry goods, extra kitchen appliances, utensils, paper goods, and more.

You can have hidden panels or doors that open to a pantry without taking away anything from your main kitchen. Use your pantry to house an extra refrigerator, microwave, or even a second double oven. This is great for entertaining, prepping meals, or for homes with large families.

In a basement, you can add a second pantry to use for movie night snacks, popcorn, pizza night, or game night with friends. Add one to a bar for extra glassware and drink storage as well. These make great additions to any area you eat, entertain, or host family and friends.

A large pantry will help keep your counters free of clutter as well. These are great spaces to store small kitchen appliances you don’t use every day. Slow cookers, toasters, blenders, and more will have a place out of the way and off your counter. You will need to make sure your zoning will allow double kitchen facilities under one roof. 

4. A Game Room

If you have kids or like to entertain, a game room is a fun addition to any luxury home. Imagine a space for a pool table, darts, video games, shuffleboard, or mini-golf. When you like to entertain or you have kids, a game room is a great place to have some fun and burn off some energy.

In a game room, you can also create multiple entertainment zones. Picture a gaming corner for video games, a space for darts, and a pool table near your at-home bar. You can also create a game area and play space for little ones.

Your friends, your kids’ friends, grandkids, and neighbors will love coming into your game room to let loose and have fun. A great game room is a place where you and your family and friends will make lifelong memories.

5. Your Dream Gym

If you’re spending more time working out at home, it’s time to treat yourself to a luxury home gym. Give yourself and your family plenty of space to work out, stretch, relax, and stay active. Whether you practice yoga or use equipment such as treadmills or bikes you can design the gym you’ve been waiting for.

If you have the space, you can also create a spa-like bathroom to steam, wash off, and decompress after a long workout. A steam shower, sauna, or indoor water feature is a great way to bring the spa right to your own home.

A luxury home gym is great for family members of any age. Create the perfect gym for everyone in the house. Add TVs, your favorite workout equipment, weights, mats, and more.

6. A Custom Home Office

With so many more people continuing to work from home, a custom home office has never been more important. A home office is a great place to get away from the rest of the house and focus. You can take calls, have virtual meetings, and more without ever needing to leave the house.

If you need a space to store samples, work supplies, or inventory, this is your chance to get the storage you’ve been needing. Add large tables, multiple workstations, or a cozy office to retreat to.

Your home office should be a place you look forward to going. Add a wet bar, coffee station, seating area, bookshelves, or whatever amenities you need to feel comfortable. Standing desks, office treadmills, or places to relax, are also luxurious additions.

7. Plenty of Space to Play

If you have kids, you know how important play space is. If you’re building a new home or renovating your current home, this is your chance to design your dream play space. A play space could be anything from a new playroom, game area, or sports court.

Design your rec space to fit your lifestyle. This could include a pool, indoor basketball court, outdoor tennis court, or a dream playroom for your little kids. When doing a renovation or building a new home, you get to include all the play spaces your family needs.

With the housing market, busier than ever, renovating or building a custom home is a great way to get all the play and recreation space you need. You get to completely customize the space you want. 

8. Exterior and Interior Design Integration

Spending time outside is good for the mind, body, and soul. Whether it’s a place to relax with large windows or French doors off your office, you won’t regret bringing outdoor and indoor spaces together.

Indoor living that connects to the outside is the ultimate luxury. You can create beautiful outdoor living rooms, dining that goes from the outside in, and more. Add balconies, decks, and outdoor entertainment areas that seamlessly integrate into your living areas.

Picture a large dining area that opens up to the backyard or a terrace off the kitchen. Let this remodel or home design be your chance to let the outdoors in.

9. A Patio or Outdoor Space for Entertaining

When you’re re-creating your outdoor space, you’ll want to make sure you think about every different zone. You may have a place for recreation, a place for your dogs, a play space for kids, and different areas to host and entertain. Outdoor kitchens, prep space, and dining areas are great extensions of your living space.

Don’t forget about your outdoor space when you’re renovating, remodeling, or building. Great outdoor space also gives you a nice return on your investment. With so many people spending more time outdoors and more time at home, outdoor space has become more precious than ever.

Start by thinking about the different spaces in your yard and how you’ll use them. You’ll likely want a place for outdoor dining, grilling, relaxing, and playing. Each space has its own purpose and use.

Consider an outdoor fireplace or firepit. A place to relax by the pool and a space for the kids or dogs to run and play. Give some thought to any garden, greenspace, or landscaping you’d like to see here as well.

10. Your Spa-Like Oasis

Your master bathroom is your chance to create the spa-like bathroom you’ve been dreaming about. In a luxury bathroom, you’ll often see radiant heated floors, towel warmers, large showers, and a showstopping soaker tub.

Give plenty of thought to luxury touches such as lighting. You’ll want great lighting next to each mirror, over your bathtub, and where you get ready each day. The shower is your place to ramp up the glamour.

You may choose a steam shower, multiple shower heads, and sprayers. This is where you’ll likely start and end each day. Make this space your unique refuge.

Include comforts such as heated floors, warmers for the towels, and a tub you can’t wait to get into. Place your tub by a picture window for the ultimate, serene, retreat. Don’t forget plenty of storage for hair products, shampoo, soaps, and toiletries.

11. Smart Home Technology

Homes these days are getting smarter. Luxury homes often include the latest in smart home technology. From energy-efficient appliances to water-saving faucets, smart technology saves you money and helps to save the planet.

Investing in smart home technology throughout your home will help make your life easier. Smart technology works to help everyday life. From integrated home speakers to smart TVs, alarms, security systems, cameras, and more.

You’ll see fridges that can tell you when you’re running out of milk, host the family calendar, and remind you that you have dinner in the oven. Faucets turn on and off with the wave of a hand, and more.

Give your home all the technology you need to help in everyday life. Set reminders, timers, and alarms to help you feel more secure, protected, and organized at home.

12. Spaces for Everyone in the Family to Enjoy

Home should be the place you can’t wait to get back to after a long day. It’s where you spend time with the people you love and make memories. Whether you’re an empty nester or a house full of kids, make space for everyone in your family to enjoy and play.

Give craft lovers a craft room, create wrapping stations, places to paint, play piano, or whatever hobbies you enjoy. Whether it’s a room or an area, give everyone a place in your home to do what they love.

Outdoor space is also a great place to incorporate space for the whole family. From pools, spas, outdoor showers, wash stations, sports courts, and outdoor kitchens, the possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor family fun.

Don’t forget your four-legged family members as well. Whether it’s a custom dog run or a doggie wash station, there are plenty of luxury add-ons for your favorite pet. You’ll also want to include space to store any pet supplies, food, toys, and leashes in your design plans.

Custom Home Features to Include in Your Luxury Home

From luxury fixtures to finishes, the possibilities for your home are endless. Whether you’re looking to add more space, renovate, or update your style, our luxury home design service will transform your space.

If you’re ready to revamp your home with custom home features, you’ve come to the right place. Fill out the contact form here to start a design consult