When you do the math, most people spend around five months of their lives in the shower. That’s a long time, especially if your bathroom doesn’t meet your bathroom interior design desires. The best way to get the most out of your bathroom is to make it feel like a spa. With a wide range of spa bathroom ideas, there’s no shortage of ways to design a spa bathroom.

Read the list below to discover the best ways to incorporate a spa bathroom into your home. 

1. Stick to a Minimalist Design

When you walk into a spa, you’re immediately hit with how little clutter there is in the room. Usually, it might be a comfortable bed, a tray table of products, and a plant or some decorative wall art.

This minimalist design is good for getting you relaxed from the moment you step through the door. That’s why you should take inspiration from this design when creating your spa bathroom.

Stick to one or two decorations, and keep them to a light-hearted theme. Keep colors subtle and serene, and always have your products stored neatly out of sight in cabinets or drawers. That way, you can achieve the relaxing environment you desire. 

2. Use Low Light

The low light found in regular spa settings is intended to relax and rejuvenate. So, if you want your bathroom to maintain the same spa-like feel, you’ll want to avoid harsh light.

One option is to invest in a dimmer switch. That way, you have full control over the lighting in your bathroom.

Another option is to build several small lights into your wall and fit them with warm bulbs. As soon as you turn them on, parts of your bathroom will be relaxingly shaded, giving it that stunning spa feel. 

3. Try Floating Shelves

Whatever size your bathroom is, you’re going to need shelves. But just because they’re a necessity doesn’t mean they can’t complement your bathroom’s spa feel perfectly.

A great solution is floating shelves. These appear as if they are completely unattached and make your bathroom feel as light as it looks. 

4. Get a Deep Soaking Tub

This is the most relaxing feature of any spa-like bathroom. Once you let yourself slide into a deep soaking tub, you’ll feel your cares wash away in the warm water.

Building your tub into the floor is another excellent option to get that spa bathroom feel. That way, you can simply slip off your slippers and slip right into the comfort of a hot bath. 

You’ll feel instantly more grounded and connected to your body. Just what you want from any spa treatment. 

5. Add Whitewood Features

Whitewood and paneling is the soft favorite of interior designers everywhere. It’s easy to dress up or down as you please, giving you the ultimate freedom of choice. 

Use it for cabinets and drawers to turn your bathroom into a spa vibe. You’ll enjoy these smooth and pristine surfaces while you get ready to relax. 

6. Invest in a Rain Shower

Rain showers are all the rage in bathrooms right now. Hanging directly above your head, you’ll feel every drop of warm water splash over you as you wash the day away.

A rain shower looks stunning in any bathroom. It doesn’t take up as much space as other kinds of showers, so you can make room for the more important features of your bathroom. 

7. Bring Nature Indoors

Plants are a welcome addition to any room in the home. They bring nature indoors and add a refreshing burst of green to any room. And they’ll fit perfectly in your bathroom.

If you’re reluctant to put in all the work a real plant requires, a fake one will do just the job. You can find realistic fake plants anywhere these days. 

Go for a plant that has oversized leaves for a real spa feel. Succulents can also be a welcome addition as they warm any room with their thick and luscious leaves. 

8. Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are having a moment right now. And it’s no wonder. They can provide a subtle pop of color without taking over any room.

That’s why they’re perfect for your bathroom. You’ll have no doubt noticed that spas favor natural colors for their relaxing and calming look. Achieving the same in your bathroom is easy.

White walls are a perfect go-to. They’ll match every other kind of décor you use in your bathroom. Soft, neutral pinks can also provide a floral feel to a spa-like bathroom, sinking you into nature as you sink into your tub. 

9. Get Your Speaker Involved

Adding a speaker to your bathroom is essential not only for blocking out real-world noises but for uneasy and anxious thoughts. Finding a spot for your device in your bathroom will put you in full control of what you hear and get you into the spa mood.

Be sure not to keep your speaker anywhere it could get splashed with water. This will not only damage your device but could be dangerous. On a high floating shelf, or even tucked away on an open bathroom cabinet is the perfect location for any speaker. 

10. Invest in Natural Light

Another great option for a spa-like bathroom is lots of natural light. There is a range of innovative ways to achieve this.

The first is to install a skylight. Even a small skylight will bathe your bathroom in warm daylight and soft evening sun. The perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are also a great option for getting the most out of natural light. They work particularly well if your bathroom has a scenic or ocean view.

Pair whatever windows you choose with soft blinds to blend privacy with pampering. 

Let These Spa Bathroom Ideas Take Your Bathroom from Lackluster to Luxurious

Using the right spa bathroom ideas can turn a basic home necessity into the place you go to escape your worries. And getting the right feel for your spa bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank if you use the helpful tips above.

Using natural light, soft accessories and the right kind of furnishings helps to get you the relaxing bathroom space you’re looking for.

For more information on bathroom interior design, have a look at this page. You’ll find all sorts of helpful tips to make your bathroom what you want it to be.